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We are Tactic Partners

Video agency & consultancy for leading businesses around the world

We help businesses tell their stories through the power of video

Our diverse list of previous clients include advertising agencies, blue chip multinationals, international law firms, record labels, UHNW family offices and hedge funds.

Together, we believe that telling a story through film is the most powerful way of conveying information (be it for internal or public-facing use) - a view backed up with data.

We are passionate about two things: producing great content and training our clients how to create video themselves, in-house, forever.

Please note that currently much of our past two years' work cannot be shared publicly. Thank you for your understanding.

We've Worked With

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Here’s what makes us unique

  • Production Value

    Production Value

    Going above and beyond

    Regardless of the end usage, video content today needs to stand out. We develop original concepts that convey information in the most impactful manner, and execute them in exciting ways. Using creativity and unorthodox techniques, we consistently deliver stunning content for the money.

    High-end lighting, international locations, VFX, CGI, aerials (helicopters, not just drones) - we put these tools into your hands to tell your brand’s story in a way that truly stands out.

  • Attention to Detail

    Attention to Detail

    We understand your business

    We aren’t just passionate about films. We enjoy building our understanding of various sectors and the role they play in an interconnected world. A keen interest in your business is vital, helping us better plan the content and help respond to changes during the project.

    We regularly call on the expertise of our contacts in buy-side and sell-side financial markets, engineering, law, medicine and technology - all to help us keep up to date with market trends and therefore provide better client service. Producing modern video content is not just about being "creative", but truly understanding client goals.

  • Return on Investment

    Return on Investment

    Maximising your investment in video.

    Justifying a video shoot is not just about production value, but increasing the utility and impact of the video once it is uploaded.

    Video content is the most versatile comms / marketing spend. We are experts in generating multiple deliverables and repurposing the content for years to come. We often turn the video into 5 separate types of media release, and shoot the content accordingly.

    This, along with knowledge of video-specific SEO, overlaps with our consultancy offering.

  • Consultancy / Training

    Consultancy / Training

    The holistic overview of video content

    Because we can repurpose video into so many other mediums, drawing up bespoke plans for video content can be commensurate with hiring an advertising / comms agency, but for a fraction of the spend.

    We believe our clients should be empowered to create video in-house, and so also offer our popular training package, giving your personnel the ability and confidence to film subject matter experts and turn around video quickly. Training is also a cost-effective alternative to professional video production, allowing you to produce high-quality video content at short notice.

Bring your stories to life

You may not know where to start with video content. We will guide you every step of the way, through a process that begins with a considered discussion of your specific needs and budget.